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You're in for an epic thrill ride with 22Gz's latest mixtape "Growth & Development 2". The pioneer of New York City's drill scene is back to reclaim his throne. Since bursting onto the scene in 2018 with "Suburban", 22Gz has electrified listeners with his intense flow and gritty bars over menacing UK-inspired beats. Now the rap prodigy is poised to take the music world by storm once again with the highly anticipated sequel to his groundbreaking mixtape.

"Growth & Development 2" showcases 22Gz's artistic evolution and cements his status as the undisputed king of NYC drill. Beyond the bars, the mixtape marks a pivotal moment in 22Gz's life, from becoming a father to gaining independence as an artist. Fueled by new inspiration, 22Gz is ready to bring his sound to new heights. Strap in for a wild ride through the sounds of the city that made 22Gz as he solidifies his place as a pioneer.

With an unparalleled gift for storytelling and a relentless flow, 22Gz spits bar after bar of slick wordplay and witty punchlines. His versatile delivery and elite cadence switch-ups prove why he reigns supreme. Over dark, gritty production, 22Gz's gruff voice commands attention as he unleashes a verbal assault. From flexing his success to addressing his haters, 22Gz showcases the raw, authentic style that makes NYC drill so enticing. "GD2" showcases 22Gz's growth as an artist. Ahead of the release of the project, 22 dropped a single called "Dizzy Devil" featuring JDot Breezy. He also dropped visuals for track number 8 off "GD2" entitled "Everything Dead." His flow is tighter, bars are harder, and beats are colder. But "Growth & Development 2" is more than just beats and bars - it marks the growth of 22Gz's as an artist and his continued rise to fame. As the indisputable leader of the NYC drill scene, 22Gz is elevating the genre to new heights. Nearly three years after shaking up the rap game, 22Gz remains dedicated to his craft. With "Growth & Development 2", the drill king is back to claim his crown and leave no doubt he's here to stay. The future is bright for 22Gz and NYC drill. he's embracing independence and forging his own path. With millions of fans worldwide, it appears that22Gz is ready to expand his sound and reach new heights.

22gz skill set was never in question. The Flatbush-bred rapper has always been able to keep up with his class of rappers. Even with this new release, there was controversey after spectualtions that 22 and his longtime friend and fellow rapper SPMB Bills were at odds. 22 still manages to rise above the naysayers and distractions to give fans yet another strong project. "GD2" proved that 22 is paying attention to the industry even if he isn't always vocal. Tracks like "Munch" and "Not Impressed" features confident bars from 22 about still remaining on top while records like "Money and Fame" address the trials, tribulations and fears that 22 has as a rapper that continues to try to rise above his obstacles. The first verse of "Money & Fame" starts with " All this money and this fame, can't let it drive me crazy. Baby mama pregnant, pray I get to meet the baby." As a new father, 22Gz is fueled by fresh inspiration from the birth of his son. As he said on his outro, "They call me the underdog for a reason, ain't got nun to lose, everything to gain." And loyal fans are excited to see 22 get all his gains.



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