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You know the feeling when an artist just oozes cool? Their voice glides over a beat, their words paint pictures, and their style commands attention. Well, get ready, because 4batz brought all that to the latest freestyle session with On The Radar Radio. Over a slick beat that channeled Slick Rick, 4batz spit rhymes with the confidence of someone who has seen it all on the streets. His crew nodded along as he talked about staying strapped, losing friends, and keeping focused. Moms wants him off the streets, but he is who he is. Recently signed to Drake's OVO label, 4batz has the skills to pay the bills. His toxic love song "Act II" has blown up with an assist from Drake. Now with this freestyle session, 4batz shows he can tell compelling stories, dropping knowledge from his life experiences. The man has presence, flow, and the gift of gab. So tune in and hear 4batz work his magic over the mic.

His flow is on point

The way 4batz floats on that throwback instrumental is masterful. His flow is melodic yet hard-hitting, as he describes the harsh realities of street life with razor-sharp wordplay. You can’t help but nod your head along as he drops bar after bar. This guy was born to rhyme!

He’s channeling the greats

4batz has cited ‘90s R&B artists like Jodeci, SWV, and Mint Condition as major influences. You can hear it in his music, from the vintage-inspired beats to his soulful, emotive delivery. Unlike some artists today who just sample old songs, 4batz embodies the spirit of the golden era. He’s bringing the slick, charismatic style of legends like Slick Rick into the present day.

His star is on the rise

After inking an EP deal with Drake’s OVO Sound, 4batz released a remix of his hit “act ii: date @ 8” that showcases his talent for irresistibly catchy songwriting. With his retro-futuristic sound, storytelling skills, and charismatic stage presence, 4batz is poised to blow up in a big way. His freestyle session proves he has the chops to become a star.

This guy oozes talent and brings so much energy to everything he does. 4batz is an artist to watch, and you definitely don’t want to miss his electrifying live show! With skills like that, there’s no limit to how far his star can rise.

Hard-Hitting Bars Reflect Realities of Street Life

Get ready to be blown away by 4batz’s hard-hitting freestyle. His raw, unfiltered lyrics provide a glimpse into the harsh realities of street life that shaped him. Over a classic ‘90s-inspired beat, 4batz paints a vivid picture of loss, violence and hustling to survive.

When you hear lines like “When you gon' put your gun to use? N**gas think they bulletproof, until they're hit wit' a .22,” you can feel the anger and pain behind his words. 4batz isn’t glorifying violence here, he’s reflecting on the world he grew up in and the tragic cycle of retaliation he witnessed firsthand.

But there’s also a message of perseverance and overcoming adversity in the face of it all. “Mama hate I'm thuggin', too, she said, 'Don't let them play wit' you,’ man told me to keep my cool, these n**gas wan' see you lose, ever since I lost my bro, guess I've just been on timing..." shows how 4batz found the strength within himself to push forward despite unimaginable loss.

4batz’s raw, soul-baring performance is a reminder of hip hop’s power to give a voice to those often unheard. His music provides a platform to share stories of struggle in a way that inspires and gives hope. That’s a gift the world could use more of.

So take a listen and get swept up in the passion and poetry of 4batz’s story. His words will move you in a way you won’t soon forget. This freestyle session proves 4batz is an artist to watch - one with a bright future and an important message.

OVO Deal Precedes New Freestyle Displaying Raw Talent

4batz is making serious moves and proving he’s an artist to watch. After recently inking an EP deal with Drake’s OVO Sound, the up-and-coming talent dropped by On The Radar Radio to show off his skills in their popular freestyle series.

Over a beat that paid homage to Slick Rick’s classic “Children’s Story,” 4batz effortlessly flowed about life on the streets. “When you gon' put your gun to use? Ngas think they bulletproof, until they're hit wit' a .22,” he rhymed with infectious energy. “.40 on me when I snooze, but don't move wrong, they will, they will hit you, Ruger rip his a in two, bullets knock him out his shoes.”

4batz has been making major waves in the R&B scene, gaining attention for his smooth vocals and retro-inspired sound. His breakout hit “act ii: date @ 8” caught the ear of Drake, who signed the artist to his OVO Sound label and even hopped on the remix.

In an interview with Genius, 4batz cited ‘90s R&B artists like Jodeci, Mint Condition and Sade as major influences. It’s easy to hear their impact in his music, from the throwback production to his soulful, melodic style.

With an OVO deal in hand and raw talent on display, 4batz is poised to revive the classic R&B sound and make a huge impact. His On The Radar freestyle proves he has the skills on the mic to match his vocal prowess. The buzz around this artist is only going to get louder, so keep an ear out for 4batz. The future of R&B is here!



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