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Updated: Jan 19

Ari Lennox, the soulful songstress took to Instagram Live this weekend to dish about her struggles while opening for the “Nostalgia Tour.” For nearly three months, Lennox dealt with rude crowds, theft, and even physical assault. Talk about a trial by fire for an R&B artist.

Ari Lennox Describes Difficulties Performing for Rod Wave's Audience

When Ari Lennox agreed to join Rod Wave on his “Nostalgia Tour,” she probably didn’t expect the level of difficulties she ended up facing. During a recent Instagram Live session, the R&B songstress opened up about her struggles while supporting the Florida rapper on the road.

Lennox described Rod Wave’s audience as “annoying” because “you could be singing your a off, and they just don’t give a st. They’re not there for you.” She went on to say the whole experience was the “ every f**king way imaginable,” comparing it to fellow artist Rico Nasty’s time touring with Playboi Carti.

For Lennox, each show felt like “racing to get off stage, racing to get through my set.” She initially tried “communicating with the audience” but then realized “they were getting angry at me affirming them.” It became clear this wasn’t her crowd.

The final straw was when someone hurled a water bottle at Lennox during the L.A. stop. She could feel the “darkness” and “aggression” coming from one side of the stage. “It was a lot...getting my wardrobe stolen. It was just a very hard two-and-a-half f**king months. Very lonely too.”

In the end, Lennox regretted joining the tour, saying “I thought it would be a good idea.” Her experience serves as a cautionary tale for up-and-coming artists: make sure any tour you sign onto will value and respect you as a performer. Lennox’s fans surely wish she hadn’t had to go through this ordeal. At least she can now look ahead to brighter days and audiences who will give her the love she deserves.

Details of Negative Experiences, Including Water Bottle Throwing Incident

Touring as an opening act for a artist with a very different fan base than your own can be tough. For Ari Lennox, supporting Rod Wave’s “Nostalgia Tour” turned into a difficult two-and-a-half months.

During an Instagram Live session, Lennox opened up about her struggles on the tour, saying Rod Wave’s fans “just don’t give a st” about her performance. She described the experience as “the worst in every fking way imaginable,” comparing it to Rico Nasty’s troubles opening for Playboi Carti.

Lennox said she felt uncomfortable at every show and couldn’t wait to leave the stage. She tried connecting with the audience, but they seemed to get angry at her for showing them love. “This is not my crowd, and it’ll never be. And that’s alright,” she realized.

The tipping point came at the LA show in November 2023, when someone hurled a water bottle at Lennox during her set. “It was tough, and it was heavy on my soul, especially the day when the bottle happened,” she said, noting the aggression and darkness in the energy from one side of the stage. “I can’t deal with s**t like that. I’ll curse you out...What is this aggression? You’re that pissed?”

To top it off, Lennox had her wardrobe stolen during the tour. “It was just a very hard two-and-a-half f**king months. Very lonely too,” she said. While she thought touring with Wave would be a good opportunity, the experience turned out to be an ordeal that weighed heavily on her. Here’s hoping her next tour treats her, and her fans, with more kindness and respect.

Lennox's Reflections on the "Heavy" and "Lonely" Nostalgia Tour

The “Nostalgia Tour” took an emotional toll on Lennox that she candidly shared with fans. As an opening act, she faced an audience that was there for Rod Wave and simply didn’t connect with her music or care about her performance.

A Tough Crowd

Singing your heart out to a sea of blank stares night after night can wear down any artist. Lennox described the crowds as “so annoying” and the worst “in every fucking way imaginable.” She never felt comfortable on stage and rushed through her sets, eager to get off the stage. Her attempts to engage the audience were met with anger, making it clear “this is not my crowd, and it’ll never be.”

A Memorable Stop

The show in Los Angeles stood out for all the wrong reasons. Lennox could feel the “darkness” and negativity coming from one side of the audience. People had messages on their phones reading “Next,” showing their impatience for her set to end. She wanted to curse them out for their aggression and frustration with her. This stop capped off what had already been “a very hard two-and-a-half fucking months.”

Silver Linings?

While a difficult experience, Lennox seemed to imply touring with Rod Wave could be seen as a “good idea” in theory to gain exposure. However, the reality of facing an unreceptive audience night after night and having her wardrobe stolen made the tour feel “heavy on my soul” and incredibly “lonely.” Lennox's reflections serve as a sobering reminder of the harsh realities of life as an opening act and the struggles to find your own audience.



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