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Bed-stuy rapper Hollyhood Dice has been on a mission to show the world his skills since first touching the mic as a kid. Before the Covid 19 pandemic, Dice was performing at showcases, rocking the mic at live shows and entertaining Hip Hop fans all over NYC. Although the world around us has changed, Hollyhood Dice says he shouldn't be counted out just yet. He wants a seat at the table amongst the best artists in the game and we caught up with him at The Plug's Palace to see how he's going to get it.

1. What's up Dice! Let us know where are you from?

Brooklyn, Bedstuy Brooklyn.

2. How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?

I’ve been doing music forever. My dad tried to teach me piano when I was like 8 but I preferred drums and violin though. I never got too good at either and then 50 cent put out 'Get Rich or Die Trying' and I realized I wanted to rap.

3. What’s your personal favorite record of yours?

Ha, I like all my songs equally so i can't answer that.

4. Who are some of your Hip Hop favorites?

I like both old and new Hip Hop so my list has some variety: Kanye west, Camron, 50 cent, Nicki Minaj, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Baby, Tory Lanez.

5. Your song ‘Big Blunts’ is getting positive feedback from listeners? What was the process like creating that record?

Yeah, they loving big blunts right now. I purchased the beat from the producer, stuffed like 3 grams into a blunt, pushed record and blacked out. That song is aactually a whole freestyle, ha.

6. Who is the song produced by? Any special credit that you’d like to give to anyone.

It’s produced by the Cxdy and shout out to Explode Studios, I recorded it there.

7. Are you a fan of new school or old school hip hop ? Any thoughts on the way the game is going right now?

I'm a fan of new and olds chool Hip Hop. I like graffiti and I think anybody that can beatbox or breakdance is talented as hell and even though these new guys are killers and wild disrespectful, the music definitely goes hard in the clubs. I appreciate how the game is going today, i just want to play a bigger role in it

8. Any underground artists you’re into right now? Special collabs you’re interested in?

Young Mistro, Tommy2Gunz and Jaz the rapper are my favorite underground artists. Shout out to everybody on the come up tho, let's work!!

9. Your song “True Colors” is also out now and the lyrics are deep. What inspired you to make that song?

Yeah, True Colors is deep and very important to me. I wanted to let people know that I love hard and I'm very loyal so please don't come into my circle if your energy does'nt match that. I'm not trying to be out here getting hurt or played by anybody so show me who u are from the jump. True Colors was the first song I recorded in my home studio.

10. What’s your process like in the studio? Any in studio essentials you need to cook up?

I guess it all depends. I like smoking and drinking Henny but i dont think i need that to cook up. As long as the mic is working and the beat is clicking, im good to go, everything else is extra. As a matter of fact, I do prefer to be alone when i'm creating, people can be distracting.

11. 2020 took an unexpected turn for the worse with the Coronavirus outbreak. Has the pandemic affected your music career at all?

It most definitely has. I was getting paid shows and making a lane for myself before the world shut down, but i did get my home studio during quarantine and i finished up my project so i guess i can't complain. You just have to take the good with the bad.

12. Any 2021 music goals?

I want a big bag. I think i deserve a record deal. I want a machine to propel me to new heights and i want to be a household name. I want to be everybody’s favorite and i know it's too soon to say i'm the GOAT, but give me some time.

13. What can fans expect from you in the near future?

I'm dropping “Lets Talk About It” in the near future and i'm dropping a ton of videos, once the world is open. I'm coming to every city to shut a stage down and I'm just going to continue being consistent.



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