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Nicki Minaj just stepped on the charts again with her massive diss track "Big Foot" aimed right at Megan Thee Stallion. Minaj doesn't play when it comes to feuds, and she just threw major shade at Stallion for that sneak diss in her new song "Hiss". But Minaj clapped back fast, calling out Stallion's shooting and even her deceased mom. It's ice cold, but that's the Nicki we know and love.

Minaj Releases Diss Track "Big Foot" Against Megan Thee Stallion

Nicki Minaj came out swinging this weekend with the surprise drop of her new diss track "Big Foot," and fans are eating it up! The Queen of Rap wasted no time calling out Megan Thee Stallion for her sly dig on the recent single "HISS." If you come for Nicki, you best not miss! In typical Nicki style, she pulled no punches on "Big Foot." Referencing Megan's foot injury from last summer, Nicki raps, "You got shot in the foot, you can't even walk right." Yikes! She also aims Megan's late mother with the line, Lying on your dead mama." The track is harsh, but you have to admit it's also catchy as hell.

Nicki stans everywhere rejoiced at the clapback and rushed to purchase the song. Within hours of its release, "Big Foot" skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes charts in all its explicit and clean forms. Four versions currently occupy the top 10, showing just how dedicated the Barbz are.

While the song dropped partway through the tracking week, limiting its chances at the Billboard charts, the massive first-day sales of "Big Foot" prove Nicki still reigns supreme. The Queen is back, and she's not playing around! Megan better watch her step, or Nicki's gonna stomp all over her. The rap divas have been at odds, but "Big Foot" escalates their feud to new heights.

Nicki has never been one to hold back in a beef, and her swift retaliation against Megan's subliminal diss proves she's still the one to beat. "Big Foot" is a victory for the Barbz and a warning shot for anyone looking to test the Queen. Nicki came, she saw, she conquered--and left her opponents crushed under the massive footprint of her success.

"Big Foot" Dominates iTunes Chart in Multiple Versions

Nicki Minaj came out swinging with her new diss track "Big Foot," and fans can't get enough! Released just hours after she announced it on social media, the single shot straight to the top of the iTunes chart. With four versions currently charting, "Big Foot" is poised to stomp onto the Billboard charts. The original track and an acappella version are already in the iTunes top 10, while clean versions of both are also in the top 40.

  • The quick success shows just how much Barbz were eagerly awaiting Nicki's clapback. After Megan Thee Stallion's shady "HISS" dropped last week, the Queen was ready to respond in her signature unapologetic style.

  • "Big Foot" holds nothing back in calling out Megan for her 2020 shooting incident and bringing up her late mother. While the lyrics are harsh, Nicki's fans are living for her fierce retaliation. The track's multiple versions mean more opportunities for the Barbz to show their support by streaming and purchasing.

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! And that's exactly what Nicki Minaj did with her latest hit song "Big Foot." Instead of getting bitter, she got better. She took all that drama with Megan Thee Stallion and spun it into musical gold. Now she's got the number one song in the country and is laughing all the way to the bank. Nicki definitely knows how to turn shade into dollars and you've gotta respect her hustle. At the end of the day, all these messy rap beefs are just publicity. The music industry can be ruthless, but Onika shows no signs of slowing down.



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