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L.A.’s best duo”Pitchfork

“It’s clear that BlueBucksClan is only getting started”COMPLEX

“BlueBucksClan have built their own high-speed lane”Billboard

“Los Angeles party rap at its disrespectful, conversational, beat-jumping finest. The duo has rapidly developed up a reputation for turning things up and they live up to it here.”UPROXX

Los Angeles rap stars BlueBucksClan link with Atlanta’s stalwart chart-topper Lil Yachty for the lavish, banging “Last Minute.” This is the second 2021 single from DJ and Jeeezy, off their forthcoming mixtape Clan Virus 2 dropping March 26, 2021. With an assist from Yachty, they’re bringing their relaxed suave, grand flexes, and straight-faced comedy to fans of quality street music around the world. “Last Minute” is out today via Out the Blue Records. Listen HERE and watch the video HERE. Pre-order Clan Virus 2 HERE.

BlueBucksClan don’t often do collaborations, but “Last Minute” shows how easily others gravitate to their chemistry. They still trade braggadocious lines over glinting keys and crushing drums, the ominous beat scoring tales of driving luxury cars, draped in designer clothes. “YSL, they gon’ walk me through the back, better not play / I’m in Prada, they keep yelling, ‘Welcome back,’ like I’m Ma$e,” Jeeezy quips. Yachty complements the duo perfectly, matching their unmistakable cadences and closing with a fittingly extravagant and clever couplet: “Everybody love me, they love me just like Raymond / Talk just like a shaman, Cartiers not no Raybans.”

“Last Minute” follows February’s “Horace Grant,” which found DJ and Jeeezy bouncing deadpan bars back-and-forth like basketball players running a fastbreak. It also comes on the heels of a meteoric 2020 rise. Thanks to the pair’s dark humor, hypnotic beats, and tireless work ethic, they racked up over 50 million streams in the U.S. alone, grabbing the attention of critics and fellow artists alike. In addition to co-signs from DJ Mustard, Saweetie, and Shoreline Mafia, BlueBucksClan have been praised by SPIN, Billboard, UPROXX, and Pitchfork, who called them L.A.’s best duo. This year, COMPLEX included them on their Rappers to Watch in 2021 list and Billboard included them on their 6 LA Rappers to Watch in 2021” list. “Last Minute” will undoubtedly bring more accolades and more fans into their opulent world.



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