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Before dawn, there is always darkness. Dark Man X aka DMX has transitioned to his eternal dawn. Earl Simmons who fans knew as DMX, sadly passed on Friday, April 9th after suffering an alleged drug overdose related heart attack. His passing shook the world like a hurricane of hurt that spanned globally. DMX undoubtedly reached icon level as he lived out his 3 decade long music career where won 2 Grammys, 2 American Music Awards, 5 MTV VMA’s and fulfilled several movie roles. While the world lost a legend, his legacy and the lessons he exemplified live on.

DMX’s struggles walked hand in hand with his success. He was abused and abandoned by his mother as a child, locked up 30 times, 15 children by 9 different women yet, he had 5 consecutive number 1 albums and 74 million records sold. Since age 14, he faced a drug addiction after being introduced to crack cocaine by a trusted friend. His substance abuse led to his troubles with the law but also added substance to his songs. He lived the life he rapped about. In an interview on BET’s The Basement, DMX stated

“When I see it I write it, when I write it you see it”. DMX was known to be able to write 7 songs in one day. Those closest to him knew DMX to have 3 different personalities. There was Earl who was said to represent his loving and warm side. There was DMX; the artist, the entertainer and the charismatic one. Then there was “X”; said to be the one that represented his hurt and anger, and the one that used violence to protect his pain.

Despite all his struggles in life, it was evident that music was his therapy. Many of his lyrics were a mix of poetry and prayer. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, DMX talked about how his writing and his music is the way he gives thanks to God for his gift. He was never motivated by the fame or awards. Most of his fulfillment came from being able to touch lives. Fans remember how his songs kept them pushing through their darkest days. To his supporters he was a beacon of hope and a reminder they aren’t alone no matter what they were fighting. He proved that sometimes heroes wear stained capes and torn hearts. DMX was a warrior who battled as many burdens as he did his blessings. While we know peace on earth can be short lived, DMX can now rest in everlasting peace.



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