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Selling your catalog is a milestone in an artist's career that can really put in perspective just how much their music is truly worth. The extensive music catalog of singer Bruce Springsteen which included hits like “Born to Run,” “Born In The USA” “Dancing in the Dark” “Glory Days,” “The River,” “Hungry Heart,” “Brilliant Disguise” and “I’m On Fire,” and more sold to Sony Music for a reported $500 million. For an artist to sell their portion of publishing, it means they would claim their percentage on that song and any future earnings. When artists or their beneficiaries choose to sell all or part of a catalog, it's usually because there is less demand for the more significant revenue streams, like live performances. In these cases, the larger payout for the catalog can be more helpful than waiting to see if there will be demand for a reunion tour, new releases or otherwise.

Award winning producer Dr Dre is reportedly selling a collection of his music income streams and other assets in a deal that was being pitched for $250 million, sources confirm to Variety Magazine. The assets, which generate nearly $10 million annually, are being acquired by Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music Group in two separate transactions. The deals, which have been rumored for several weeks, are said to be nearly closed and were shopped by Dre’s longtime attorney Peter Paterno of King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano. The news was first reported by Representatives for the firm, Dre, Universal and Shamrock either declined or did not immediately respond to Variety‘s requests for comment, however a source close to Dre confirmed the report and said the final sale price is likely to be below the $250 million asking price, but well above $200 million.

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