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We've definitely seen some iconic music videos over the years - the kind that stick in our pop culture memory. Well, Gunna just dropped a new music video that brings together a who's who of video vixens from the 2000s. Yeah, it hits right in the nostalgia. Gunna and super producer Turbo's new single "Bachelor" features a star-studded cast of models and it-girls from classic hip hop videos. We're talking KD Aubert, Tammy Torres, Rosa Acosta - all the big names. The cinematic visual directed by Spike Jordan puts a fresh spin on The Bachelor concept. Gunna romances a crew of ladies who made their mark in videos by Fabolous, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and more legends. Between shots of a lavish mansion, you'll see these icons looking as amazing as ever. Backed by Turbo's smooth piano-laced production, "Bachelor" has already put up big streaming numbers. Now with this video full of familiar faces, it's sure to get even more plays. If you grew up watching BET, MTV and VH1, get ready for a major throwback. This is a video you'll want to watch and reminisce over.

Behind the Scenes With Director Spike Jordan

With his lavish, star-studded visual for "Bachelor," acclaimed director Spike Jordan pays homage to the iconic video vixens of hip-hop's golden era while putting his own modern twist on the esthetic.

  • "I really wanted to celebrate these women who shaped an entire generation's perception of beauty and sexuality in music videos," explains Jordan. "But I also aimed to portray them in a empowering, multi-dimensional light beyond just eye candy.

  • To that end, the video dismantles stereotypical music video norms of the 2000s; rather than just gyrating extras, the vixens are positioned as strong leads commanding the screen alongside Gunna's charismatic presence.

  • With gorgeous cinematic shots and compelling choreography, Jordan creates a lavish, modern update befitting these iconic women and Gunna's luxurious style.

  • "I want to show them as the boss ladies they are - while also paying respect to the past," says Jordan. Ultimately, the video becomes a celebration of both hip-hop and feminine beauty across generations.

Gunna just took his track "Bachelor" to the next level by dropping an epic new music video directed by Spike Jordan. The cinematic visual puts a fresh spin on The Bachelor format, with Gunna pursuing a bevy of iconic video vixens from the 2000s hip-hop era. Between shots of Gunna laying down his catchy verses, the camera focuses on piano player Turbo and a ballerina, all set against the backdrop of a lavish modern mansion. The track's laidback piano melody and subtle 808 bounce comes courtesy of Turbo's signature production style. "Bachelor" marked a career milestone for the producer, earning him his first solo Billboard chart position. By reuniting these influential video vixens from hip-hop's past, Gunna found the perfect way to visualize the lush, nostalgic vibe of "Bachelor." It's a creative homage to the 2000s era that first defined his sound.

Behind the Beat with Turbo

The standout production on "Bachelor" comes courtesy of Turbo, who cooks up a smooth, laidback vibe. In an exclusive Youtube video, Turbo breaks down how he made the iconic beat.

  • Turbo builds the beat around a soulful piano melody and James Blake sample, giving it a lush, cinematic feel.

  • He adds his signature bounce with deep 808s and crisp percussion, nodding to Houston hip-hop.

  • The keys and vocal samples pair nicely with Gunna's syrupy flow and romantic theme.

  • Turbo's talent for crafting melodic backdrops shines through.

With this single, Turbo scored his first solo Billboard hit and expanded his buzz as an in-demand producer. He's best known for his work with Gunna, producing tracks on the rapper's albums as well as their joint mixtape Drip Harder. Fans of chill, atmospheric hip-hop beats should keep an eye on Turbo and his smooth, moody sound. The rising producer continues to level up with high-profile collabs and infectious productions like "Bachelor."

Meet the Video Vixens: Where You've Seen Them Before

Gunna and Turbo definitely brought in the big guns, recruiting some of the most iconic video vixens from your favorite 2000s rap videos. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see where you may recognize these leading ladies from:

  • KD Aubert, looking as stunning as ever, first made her mark in Fabolous' 2003 "Into You" video. She went on to steam up the screen in hits like Ja Rule's "Always on Time" and Eve's "Tambourine."

  • Rosa Acosta and that legendary body have graced videos for rappers like Drake ("Best I Ever Had"), 50 Cent ("Baby By Me"), and T.I. ("No Matter What").

  • Eboni Jackson appeared in 50 Cent's breakthrough "Wanksta" visual back in 2003 clad in a form-fitting white tank top.

  • LaNisha Cole heated up Pharrell's "Frontin'" video back in 2003, while Esther Baxter shook things up in Petey Pablo's racy "Freek-A-Leek."

  • Tammy Torres, known for her role in Lil Wayne's "Mrs. Officer," also starred in videos from Fat Joe, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg.

  • Voluptuous model Bria Myles previously played the leading lady in Twista's "Girl Tonite" and Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (The Whisper Song)."

  • Sasha Lee rounds out the cast - you may remember her from David Banner's smooth "Play" video.

It's amazing to see these iconic video vixens who defined the look of hip hop videos in the 2000s still shining bright. Their stunning cameos definitely take "Bachelor" to the next level. Turbo and Gunna brought together the ultimate squad of iconic video vixens for a fresh take on "The Bachelor" that highlights these queens of hip hop's visual past. From the mansion to the hot tub scenes, it's an elegant and flashy throwback reunion special. While the piano-driven beat and bars are on point as usual, the surprise cameos make this video one for the ages. We haven't seen this many legends in one place since Diddy was rockin' shiny suits. Whether you're an OG hip hop head or just appreciate fine eye candy, "Bachelor" is a vibrant visual feast you've got to check out.



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