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Hip Hop has easily became the most prevalent genre in music today. Not only are new stars being born every single day but creativity is at an all time high. One of the biggest examples of this is the unique use of samples from drill artists. Often written off by their predecessros, these new age stars are proving that they are more than hype youngings flowing on fast paced beats, that there's more than meets the ear and they're talking old sounds to brand new heights.

I know what you’re thinking: that’s BEEN happening! And you’re absolutely right. From Notorious BIG to Drake, rap Heavyweights have been relying on nostalgic vibes to create their biggest records. Sources say that the late 1970s and early 80s is when sampling really exploded with hip hop. This began when DJs started interacting with and manipulating the vinyl records they played. At first, it became popular to play and replay the breaks in funk music, simply because crowds loved to dance to these parts. Kool DJ Herc is credited with originating this practice, and others, like DJ Grandmaster Flash, helped perfect the techniques, such as changing turntable speeds and turning the records manually. He joined other rappers to form Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and the group rose to national stardom with the 1980 single, "Freedom," which sampled "Get Up and Dance" by the rock band Freedom.*

Since then new age underground and mainstream artists have taken sampling to the next level. Here's a list of NYC's top 5 best sample tracks of 2021 first quarter:

Yellow Tears: Shawny Bin Laden

Hailing from Queens, NYC, Shawny Bin Laden is the reigning 'King of Samples'. This track features a sample from Lauryn Hill's Ex-Factor featuring on her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Although fans may be familiar with this particular feature, having heard this sample before on Drake's "Nice for What", Shawny decided to take a different approach. Not only did he feature a different part of Lauryn Hill track, he also laced the record with his signature "Drill Soul" sound, effortlessly blending vicious punch lines with his easy going delivery. Check out the visuals below, directed by Haitian Picasso.

I'm Every Woman : JJ Morgan

It's not too often we see a woman stepping up to the mic in the drill scene so Brooklyn femcee JJ Morgan is already a rare entity to the game. That fact along with her soft voice over carefully constructed drill beats makes for great music . Her latest single "I'm Every Woman" features a dope sample Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing." The playful cadence of JJ's flow mixed with her witty bars makes it easy to see why she describes her sound as "Pretty Drill". Check out visuals below, directed by Wonton Designs.

Bandemic: Bizzy Banks

It's no question that Bizzy Banks is one of the hottest artist out of NYC right now. From bars to flow to delivery, Bizzy packs great star power that can be heard on every record. With this "One Blood" by J. Reid sampled banger, Bizzy once again deliveried. Bandemic is a strong reminder why Bizzy could never be left of anyone's current top 5. During a global pandemic, Bizzy Banks managed to keep NYC rap alive and remind fans and naysayers that he's "still getting money" even during this 'bandemic'. Check out the visuals below.

Statement (freestyle): 26AR

26AR is NYC biggest breakout stars in the past year. His confident demaneor and undeniable talent make him a fan favorite amongst Hip Hop listeners. With cosigns from industry tastemakers and label heavyweights, it's no wonder why 26 laced his "Statement freestyle" with cocky bars about him being one of the best in the NYC. The freestyle is orginially a G Herbo track that features a sample of Major Harris' "I Got Over Love (Live)". Check out the visuals below, directed by Wonton Designs.

Default : Neek Bucks ft. G Herbo

Although this isn't a drill song, "Default" featuring Chicago's own G Herbo is simply too good to not be mentioned. Harlem's Golden child, Neek Bucks has been packing punchlines and providing rap enthusiasts with quality music since he first entered the game. His recent project "Neighborhood Hov" proved that the influence of rap pioneers like Jay-Z is prevelant in his career as an artist including his classic sound and vintage delivery. The record "Default" off his latest EP, features a soulful sample of Willie's Hutch "Mother’s Theme". Take a listen below.



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