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The Verzuz battle hosted by musically app 'Triller' has been one of the highlights of 2020. During the pandemic, the entertainment industry experienced a shift no one saw coming. Concerts were shut down, venues were closed and celebrities had find unique ways to engage fans virtually. Legendary producers Timbaland and Swizz Beats came up with the dope idea of having iconic artists go song for song in what’s called 'Verzuz'. Everyone from Ashanti and Keyshia Cole to Gucci Mane and Jeezy have participated in the very special event presented virtually via Instagram live and streaming on the Triller app. The event is designed to match up two accomplished artists, both with great catalogues, careers (and sometimes controversy) to see who will take home crown as the winner. Spectators often take to social media using the #VerzuzBatttle hashtag to comment their thoughts on the battle and who they think won. Verzuz has even lead to fans creating their own battles that they’d love to see in the musical arena. Here’s a list of the top Verzuz fans are hoping for:

Jay-z vz. Nas

Since, the Jay-Z and Nas beef was squashed that started back in 2005, fans have always since enjoyed watching the two NYC mcs engage in friendly competition. Most recently the two were featured on “Sorry not Sorry” a song off DJ Khaled’s 2021 album, Khaled Khaled. The single sparked conversations across social media about who had the best verse and ultimately who would win if the two went song for song in a Verzuz battle. Fans were torn that while Jay-Z had smash hits like “Hard Knock Life” and “Dirt off your shoulder”, Nas also went crazy on his records like “Hate Me Now" and “If Ruled the World.” Although neither one of the greats have agreed to a battle, the question of who would win is still one of the most prominent in the Hip hop debate scene.

Kanye West vs. Drake

Kanye and Drake are among the greatest artist of our time. With Kanye coming on the Hip Hop scene in 2004, it was evident that the man was gifted. He was not only a rapper but also a producer and a poet. He’s created records with greats including his protype Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Jeezy, Camron, Beanie Siegel, Beyonce and more. Drake, entering the game in 2010, was brought in by his mentor Lil Wayne. With the guidance of Weezy and his own undeniable skill, Drake has managed to become one of the most awarded and highest streaming artist in music history. Many argue that because Drake has always noted Kanye West as one of his musical inspirations that the match up is unfair. But fans STILL believe that the battle would be fair game and Kanye won't take home the win so easily.

Chief Keef vs. Lil Durk

While many fans argue that this match up just isn’t fair, many are curious about who would take home a win between the two Chicago greats. Lets be real: Chief Keef walked so Durk can run and while Durk has doing his thing as of recently, Keef laid the foundation that Chicago rappers like Durk walk on. Of course Durk has new hits but Chief Keef could definitely get the crowd rocking with his old music alone. Fans went crazy on social media after popular platform KollegeKid posted a bogus flyer of a Verzuz event between the two. One thing’s for sure, that battle would have you turnt up all night long.

Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim

Viewers of the 2021 BET awards were stunned after Lil Kim said that she would want to do a verzuz with Nicki Minaj live on the red carpet. The two have had a silent feud for years, taking subtle shots at each other in songs, interviews and social media. But it seems that Kim is willing to put the problems aside and go toe to toe with Nicki in a Verzuzbattle. Although Nicki hasn’t directly responded, Timbaland and Swizz Beats would surely have their work cut out for them if it does happen.



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