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Bronx femcee Ice Spice has been shaking up the rap game, but her latest track, "Think You The Sh*t (Fart)" is next level. With a jaw-dropping opening line like "Think you the sht, b*tch? You not even the fart!" no wonder it's got over a million views on Youtube already. Spice is serving simplistic beats and it-girl bars that's got fans shook and critics talking. Whether you love her in-your-face flow or think it lowers standards in female rap, one thing's for sure - when Ice Spice drops "Y2K" later this year, it's gonna be wild.

Ice Spice's Viral Hit "Think You the Sh*t" Causes Mixed Reactions

The Bronx artist has been making waves since coming on the scene, and her latest track continues to drop jaws and turn heads. With a simple yet jaw dropping opening line like "think you the sht, B*tch. You not even the fart!" it's no wonder why fans are intrigued.

On Spotify, the song has over 6 million streams and counting. The success of the single is both a good and bad thing. While this minimalistic style works for Ice Spice, hip-hop fans fear that songs like this will lower the bar for what up-and-coming artists think is acceptable. The saying "hard work beats talent" has become more prominent as time goes on in entertainment. In female rap specifically, there is a real need for true skill and respect for the genre. In an era where it seems like whoever is the most explicit wins, hopefully this single is just Ice Spice having fun with her craft.

Ice Spice also announced that her debut album "Y2K" will drop later this year. Fans can expect more Riot-produced tracks along with Spice's signature style. Hopefully, we'll also get fresh collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Rema and Pink Pantheress. Just last year, Ice Spice released hit singles with these artists, introducing her to bigger audiences. For now, we're stuck with "Think You the Sh*t" until Ice Spice's next release.

What to Expect From Ice Spice's Upcoming Album "Y2K"

From the sounds of her recent single, "Think You the Sh*t", Ice Spice's debut album "Y2K" is going to be filled with tracks that are bold, unapologetic, and meant to turn heads. If the rest of the album is anything like this release, fans can expect a fun, carefree project that doesn't take itself too seriously.

  • Lyrically, look for more lines similar to the opening of "Think You the Sh*t" with simple, repetitive hooks that get stuck in your head. While the lyrics themselves may be basic, the delivery and flow are really what shine through in Ice Spice's music.

  • Production-wise, Ice Spice will likely continue working with her frequent collaborator Riot since their chemistry is evident. The beats are usually synth-heavy, fast-paced and full of bounce. Perfect for Ice Spice's energetic style.

  • There's a good chance we'll get some features on the album from artists Ice Spice has worked with in the past like Nicki Minaj, PinkPantheress and Rema. Their styles mesh well together and collabs always help to introduce artists to new audiences.

Overall, "Y2K" will probably be a light, fun album that you can dance and vibe to without thinking too hard. Ice Spice is all about turning up and living in the moment. While the music may lack substance for some, for others it's exactly what they need to escape and have a good time. One thing is for sure, Ice Spice is shaking up the game and putting her own twist on the new wave of female rap. “Y2K” will likely solidify her as an artist to watch.

Ice Spice's Collaborations With Nicki Minaj, Rema and Pink Pantheress

Ice Spice has worked with some of the biggest names in hip hop, helping to boost her popularity and gain new fans. Last year, she collaborated with Nicki Minaj on the hit single “Buss It.” The catchy track, produced by London on da Track, ended up charting on Billboard’s Hot 100, introducing Ice Spice to Minaj’s massive fanbase.

  • Ice Spice's collab with Rema on “Corny” showcased her ability to mesh well with afrobeats artists. The fun, lighthearted song is all about calling out corny people and their silly behavior. It's no wonder the song was a fan favorite, gaining over 10 million streams on Spotify.

  • Her collaboration with Pink Pantheress, “Pain,” gave listeners a glimpse into Ice Spice’s vulnerable side. The emotive R&B-infused track is about heartbreak and relationship struggles. Fans praised the two artists for their raw, emotive delivery and vocal chemistry.

With a string of high-profile collaborations under her belt, Ice Spice has proven she can hold her own next to some of the biggest stars in music. Her upcoming debut album, “Y2K,” is sure to feature more surprising collaborations and showcase Ice Spice’s range as an artist. If these collaborative singles are any indication, “Y2K” will be an exciting glimpse into Ice Spice’s future as she continues her meteoric rise.

You've gotta hand it to Ice Spice. She knows how to get people talking with her unapologetic lyrics and style. This new single is lighting up social media and streaming charts, even if it's dividing critics. Spice is clearly having a moment, so all eyes are on what she'll serve up next. Will it take her artistry to new levels or keep feeding the hype machine? One thing's for sure - with that debut album on the way, Ice Spice is betting on herself to bring more heat in 2024. Wherever she goes from here, she's already left a mark with "Think You the Sh*t." The Bronx femcee is shaking the game up, so get ready. This is just the start.



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