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The drill genre has been the topic of conversation since it first emerged in 2014. The sound lasted longer than fans and naysayers anticipated with artists like Fivio Foreign and Pop Smoke, breaking the ceiling and achieveing major success. Most recently, the emergence of a new subgenre “metal drill” is sparking debates amongst fans about what’s next for drill.

Metal drill is essentially aggressive vocals over drill beats. Similar to metal rock, the high level of energy can help provide a release and undeniable energy felt by listeners. For some, it’s inaudible, chaotic and just messy. .But core drill fans are calling it the new craze. Leaders of the sound like Sha Ek, Yus Gz and Dougie B. bring in millions of views with their gritty delivery over sample-drill beats. Just this past weekend, the 41 crew, new faces of metal drill, hosted their first ever concert, "Drill Nation" in Brooklyn, NYC. Lil Tata, Jenn Carter and Kyle Richh hit the stage with Blockwork, and Miah Kenzo to put on for, what seems to be, the next generation of drill. The success of the show sparked debates about the emergence of metal drill and if the 41 crew are really taking over. This was the one of the first drill shows that was NOT shut down by police despite their heavy presence. Hosted by NYC influencers/comedians Noti Cuz and Mikey Ocho, the energy that fuels the drill genre was alive and well at 260 Johnson Av, where the show took place.

Still, the metal drill style is taking over the sound and recieves mixed reviews from fans. While younger fans are enthused about the new craze, older drill fans aren't excited about where things are headed. Although the numbers are there, many question what this means for the sound and its place in the industry. Will mainstream artists want to collab with metal drill artists? Why is all the music starting to sound the same? Is the sound going to scary away new listeners? With metal drill artists like Sha EK and Yus Gz collaborating with other drill rappers like Chicago's PGF Nuk and Brooklyn's 22gz, we'll have to wait and see what happens next.



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