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In honor of March Madness, let's compare some of Hip Hop's best rappers to the NBA's greatest players.

Kanye West & Micheal Jordan:

Both considered the "GOAT" in their respective fields and are Chicago legends. They've broken so many boundaries and proved very influential.

Drake & Kevin Durant:

Both in the goat conversation and have showed longevity in their careers. They get a lot of neccessary hate for decisions they made but still do numbers!

Kendrick Lamar and Lebron James:

Solidified as goats who have impacted the game right now entering. The end of their careers is no where in sight.

Tyler the Creator and Giannis:

Both had rough starts but then both had arguably the greatest evolution/growth. They are both one of the best and funniest in their fields too. They're also both of African descent.

Young Thug and Steph Curry:

Completely changed the game ad fathered so many of the new artists/players. They get hate becase people claim they ruined the game but continue to dominate.

J. Cole and Tim Duncan:

One of the greatest, most humble and down to earth players/artists. Both tend to get left unrecognized as one of the goats.

Jay Z and Kobe Bryant:

Both extremely consistent throughout their career and have monster mentalities. They are both loved by all and recieve praise from many. Jay and Kobe are world renowed for their skill set and have fans all over the world.

Lil Baby and Trae Young:

Both learned from their idols Thug/Curry and rap/play with their influence on their arm. Both young and talented in their fields, ready to takeover. Both Baby and Young seem eager to dominate their lanes and while being "rookies", do their best to bring their A game everytime.



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