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You're just chilling on your couch, scrolling through TikTok like any other day, when a new song comes on that makes you stop everything you're doing. The beat is catchy, the lyrics are clever, and you find yourself instantly hooked and wanting to watch it again and again. Manny Wellz is the latest sensation of the "Nigerian Alté" genre with "alte" meaning a new way of doing things. Today, the Nigeria-born, Maryland-based singer released his six-song EP "Mr. Oulala."

Manny's casual creativity struck a chord and tapped into his TikTok hit “Magic” which resonated with people longing for positivity and lighthearted fun. TikTok users of all ages embraced the song as a kind of impromptu anthem. The repeated line, ”Take it easy baby, Before I have your baby, You do that thing, We gon make magic” is infectious. MannyWellz voice is entrancing leaving you wanting more of his music.

Ultimately, the popularity of “Magic” comes down to its universality. The lyrics and melody are simple enough for anyone to understand and relate to, yet poetic enough to spark imagination. Whether it’s dreaming of romance or escape from everyday troubles, Manny has crafted an anthem for following your bliss. For one minute and 53 seconds, this song can make anyone believe in magic. The irresistible formula of repetition, rhythm, metaphor, and melodic contrast came together to create an unlikely TikTok sensation that resonated with millions. The result was pure sorcery.

His Tik Tok strategy, which was no strategy at all, is one of the coolest part of his journey. MannyWellz is most known for his acoustic or acapella singing videos racking up over half a million views on TikTok alone. Other TikTok creators have noted that the algorithm is the reason they've discovered MannyWellz. Simple, clean content of him singing different parts of released and unreleased has proven to be an effective way to gain and entertain fans.

If “Magic” captured the whimsy of new love, “Mr. Oulala” explores its ups and downs. The new 6-track project highlights his growth as an artist and storyteller. The beats are more layered, the lyrics more vulnerable. The songs on ‘Mr. Oulala’ have even more depth and flavor, with tracks like “Amin” and “Be Alright” reveal a sultrier side. The EP also features two songs with fellow R&B sensation Pink Sweat$. With a possible tour on the horizon, Manny's future looks bright.



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