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So the Bronx bombshell Cardi B decided to hop on the “She’s a Bitch” bandwagon, did she? Can’t blame her, that Timbaland beat still slaps after all these years. And of course, you had to know Missy Elliott, the queen of futuristic hip hop herself, gave Cardi the blessing to sample the track on her latest freestyle, “Like What.”

While some less enlightened souls might cry “unoriginal,” we say ladies supporting ladies is what we’re here for. Missy knows a hot beat and a hot female MC when she sees one, and no doubt Cardi will continue the tradition of boss female rappers who don’t need any man telling them what they can and can’t do.

Now if only Ski Mask the Slump God could get with the program. Dude’s salty as hell Cardi jacked “his” remix of “She’s a Bitch” for “Like What.” Newsflash: that beat belongs to Missy and Timbaland, and they gave their blessing to both you and Cardi. Instead of accusing her of stealing your song, how about showing some respect to the queen who made it possible in the first place?

Cardi and Missy clearly have no time for the haters. They’re too busy making hit songs and historic remixes to worry about some petty beef from a sore loser. Our advice? Take those complaints to your mama, Ski Mask. Fans are loving Cardi's new freestyle “Like What.”

Ski Mask the Slump God Claims Cardi Copied His "Catch Me Outside" Remix

When Cardi dropped “Like What (Freestyle)” last week, sampling the same Missy beat as Ski Mask’s “Catch Me Outside,” he was not having it.

Ski Mask took to social media right away to call Cardi out for jacking his style. “Sounds Kinda Familiar,” he wrote, throwing epic levels of shade. And he’s got a point — Cardi’s new track sounds suspiciously like Ski Mask’s remix. Same beat, same flow, just Cardi’s name on it now. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

It’s not like Cardi’s hurting for beats or styles to steal borrow “inspiration” from. Unless Ski Mask decides to really come for her. Then we might finally get to see Cardi have to own up to her shady behavior for once. I’m here for the drama, but even more here to see Ski Mask get the credit he deserves. “Catch Me Outside” slaps, and no amount of Cardi copying it will change that.

Missy Elliott Shows Love to Both Cardi B and BIA for Their Versions

So Missy’s given her blessing to both Cardi and BIA for jacking her track. No surprise there—the queen of futuristic beats and freaky videos was never one to sweat the small stuff. Way back when, she was sampling everyone from Run DMC to Janet Jackson, and now she’s cool with the next gen doing the same to her. Circle of life, y’all.

You have to wonder, though, what Ski Mask the Slump God makes of all this. His “She’s a Bitch” remix dropped a couple years back, and now here come Cardi and BIA traipsing through his territory. Probably stings a bit, even if their versions do slap.

At the end of the day, there’s enough Missy to go around. Whether you’re feelin’ Slump God’s take, BIA’s LA swagger, or Cardi just doin’ Cardi, “She’s a Bitch” has enough hooks and attitude for everyone. Missy knew what she was doing when she crafted that joint. Twenty years later, it still bangs. And if these new versions inspire folks to dig into Missy’s back catalog, even better. There’s a reason she’s considered hip hop royalty. Her futuristic vision is timeless.



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