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You wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes, and grab your phone. Twitter is buzzing. Drake dropped Scary Hours 3 at midnight. Your day just got a whole lot better. The 6 God has blessed us again. Six new tracks to start your weekend right. Pusha T beef aside, when Drake says he’s dropping, the world stops and listens. This extended album comes as a complete surprise to fans. Just a few weeks ago, Drake dropped his 8th studio album, "For All The Dogs". And here it is, another short and sweet Scary Hours pack to hold us over until the 6 God decides to bless us again. The samples, the beats, the bars - Drake’s versatile flow and ear for a hit are on full display. He’s back in classic bragging form, reminding us why he’s the biggest artist in the world. No matter what’s happening in hip hop, all eyes are on the 6ix. The weekend starts now.

Drake Drops Surprise New EP Scary Hours 3

Out of nowhere, the 6 God has blessed us again. Drake just dropped his third Scary Hours EP, giving fans six new tracks to obsess over.

As usual, Drake didn’t announce the release ahead of time. He just tweeted a link at midnight and broke the internet. On the first track, “Red Button” Drake comes in with his usual arrogance. He also shouts out Taylor Swift as the only artist to get him to push his album back.

On “Stories About My Brother,” Drake seems to be taking shots at Joe Budden. He recites "Imagine us gettin' our validation from an ex-musician searchin' for recognition. Same story every time, they heckle in repetition. I'm top of the mountain, these niggas still down at base camp, they plannin' they expedition. Y'all the type to catch a charge, head to the deposition. And act like the rapper named after the sex position." Remember, the two exchanged words after Joe Budden criticized Drake's "For All The Dogs" album. Drake then responded with a long Instagram comment, claiming that Joe Budden has failed at music and is "the poster child of frustration and surrendering."

Track 5, “Evil Ways” featuring J. Cole, has a decidedly darker vibe. Over a classic rap beat, Drake and his collaborator trade verses about fame and being the greatest rapper in the music industry. Cole in particular came heavy with the bars. The song proves that Aubrey and Jermaine are a match made in Hip Hop heaven.

With only six songs and a total runtime of just under two hours, Scary Hours 3 is a bite-sized treat for Drake fans craving new music from the Hip Hop titan. He may have surprised us with this extension of "For All The Dogs", but Drake continues to show why he’s one of the biggest artists in the world. More life, more music, more of the 6 God - that’s all we can ask for.

What to Expect Next From Drake

With Scary Hours 3 out, the question on everyone’s mind is: what’s next for Drake? If the past is any indication, the 6 God likely has some tricks up his sleeve.

Tour Announcement

Drake and J. Cole recently annouced that their collab tour "Big As The What" starting at the top of 2024. Touring is a major source of income for artists, so Drake and Cole will be sure to bring in the bag while performing a number of their hits including "In the Morning," "Jodeci Freestyle," and more.

The bottom line is that Drake always has something in the works. While we enjoy his latest drop, the smart money is on more music, collaborations and a tour announcement coming from the 6 God before long. His reign shows no signs of slowing down, so keep an eye out for what the ambassador of Toronto does next. The hits just keep on coming.



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