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The year has come to a close and we're here to give you a final look at this year at a glance. Our musical recap features tracks that fans enjoyed the most in the year 2023. Follow @ellejonesmedia to the conversation on Twitter.

1. Skeeyee - Sexyy Redd

When "SkeeYee" first dropped, it spread like wildfire. The catchy hook and Redd's amped-up flow were instantly iconic. Everywhere you went, people, even kids, were chanting "skee yee!" Tay Keith came through with a hard-harding beat blaring, fully equipped with piaons and bumping 808s. Redd's charisma and personality shine through on the track. Her playful delivery makes her bars feel effortless like she's just chatting with friends. Lyrics like "When I holla skeeyee/that mean pull up," show she is summoning all the ladies to come outside.

2. Put It On Da Floor - Latto

Latto had everybody rippin themselves out the plastic and acting brand new. The Southern-bred femcee released “Put it on da floor” on April 21st 2023 and owned the summer. The song reached major success and even earned Latto a Cardi B feature. The collab blew the song out of the park and has reached legendary status!

3. Fukumean - Gunna

Gunna dropped the number 1 album of 2023 with "A Gift and a Curse." The Atlanta rapper was released from prision earlier this year and got to work, dropping singles like "Bread and Butter" before the album. The single address several concerns that fans had about everything from his case to his relationship with YSL founder, Young Thug. But with his single "FukUmean," Gunna switched it up! The song is a sound that is refreshing familiar to those that know and love Gunna's music. It's no wonder the album was the number 1 most streamed album of 2023!

4. Snooze - SZA

It's not often that we see an R&B song take over the way SZA's "Snooze" did. The song remains as the top of the charts and was recently crowned the only song to stay on the Billboard Top 200 every week in the year 2023. SZA sold out tour and amazing feature run is just the icing on the cake for the amazing run she's been on. "I can't lose, when i'm with you," is a line loved by fans but old and young.

5. Poundtown - Sexyy Redd

Sexyy redd is undeniably 2023’s leading break out artist. The St. Louis native has racked up huge collaborations, lots or streams and notable looks from fellow superstars. When she dropped her debut single “Poundtown,” produced by Tay Keith, the internet went in a frenzy. The blatanly aggressive hook “Poundtown, just left Poundtown,” “my p****, pink by b***yh**e brown” caught listeners off guard. Fans were surprised and intrigued by Sexyy’s authenticity. And just like that the record took off. 



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