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Thearti$t is back with another soul-stirring single that will have you reflecting on past heartbreaks and toxic relationships. In "Damaged," the 25-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey bares her soul once again and shares a story of betrayal and disloyalty from an ex-lover. After going viral with her breakout hit "Sober" earlier this year and selling out shows across the country, thearti$t shows no signs of slowing down.

Thearti$t Follows Up Her Critically Acclaimed EP With Vulnerable New Single

Thearti$t bares her soul on "Damaged," a heart-wrenching follow up to her critically acclaimed EP "ARTchives." On the new single, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter reveals her struggles in past relationships and the deep pain that still lingers.

In the first verse, Thearti$t sings about being betrayed and mistreated by an ex: "I should've seen it comin', the way you treated me like nothin', You let me down again and again." Her raw, emotive vocals convey the anguish of loving someone who repeatedly disappointed and hurt her. Thearti$t's ability to be vulnerable in her music is one of the reasons she has amassed thousands of devoted fans. Supporters connect not only with her lyrics but also with her journey. All of these elements make Thearti$t "the people's champ," an artist fans enjoy rooting for.

A Unique Style

When asked to describe her style, Thearti$t says, "Honestly, I don't know. That's a good question, asking me to describe my style. I would like to say I'm...myself. There's no guide to me. Some days I'll be the crazy one, other days I'll be the more calm one. I feel like I'm just myself." Her eclectic, genre-bending sound reflects this - she incorporates R&B, hip hop, pop, and soul in her music.

With "Damaged," Thearti$t proves once again why she's an artist to watch. Her ability to craft memorable songs that resonate on a deep emotional level sets her apart. If this single is any indication, Thearti$t's next project is sure to be another triumph.

Since going viral with "Sober" earlier this year, Thearti$t has proven herself as an artist who isn't afraid to get personal in her music. "Damaged" is no exception. Her ability to share intimate details of her life in a way that resonates with fans is one of the keys to her success.

Thearti$t's raw, from-the-heart style gives listeners a glimpse into what she's been through. "There's no guide to me," she says. "Some days I'll be the crazy one, other days I'll be the more calm one. I feel like I'm just myself." That authenticity shines through in her lyrics and her sound.

With "Damaged," Thearti$t cements her status as an artist to watch. Her talent for storytelling matched with a voice that's both soulful and relatable, will continue to win over new fans and turn casual listeners into dedicated supporters. Thearti$t's music is for anyone who has ever loved, lost, started over, or found the strength within themselves to build something better. Something - as her lyrics suggest - that stands for something.

With Sold Out Shows and a New Record Deal, Thearti$t Continues Her Rise in 2023

This authenticity shines through in her music and performances.

With a new record deal, sold-out shows, and no plans of stopping, Thearti$t is poised to continue rising in 2023. Her latest single, “Damaged,” proves she has so much more in store for fans - more music, more shows, and more of the Thearti$t we’ve all come to know and love. The future is bright for this "people's champ."



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