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Being an independent artist is not easy. Between developing your sound and learning the business side of things, indie artists have alot of ground to cover. Check out some tips and tricks to mastering the game from the ground up.


Never stop networking. You constantly need to be meeting new people as well as maintaining relationships that you've already built.

Embody and dominate your brand

You need to be very clear in your look, music, video what you want to be known for. Uour brand identity is so crucial to the right fans finding your music and falling in love with you.

Choose your team wisely

Remeber that a chain is only as strng as its weakest link. Be sure that you find a trustworthy team that always has your best interests at heart and who can represent you in the best way possible.

Protect your legally

Make sure you have a lawyer review all of the contracts that you're going to sign BEFORE you sign them.

Manage your money wisely

Create a budget that works for where you are right now. Make it realistic and stick to it. There are a ton of costs as an artist and a lot of times you're paying for everything so it's important to know how much money you need to allocate to your expenses.

Treat your career like a business

Yes music is our creative outlet and we love it. however there is the very important side of the business that needs to be handled properly in order for you to keep working relationships positive and so that others take you seriously.



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